Boom Sprays Explained

The Top Three Applications For Boom Sprays

Boom sprays are ideal for spraying pre-emergent and post-emergent crops on properties with relatively uniform topography.

The top three delivery methods for boom sprays are broadcast, band and directed application.

Broadcast application is where the spray pattern of each flat-jet nozzle overlaps with that of its neighbour to provide even coverage right along the working length of the boom.

Band application is where the spray is delivered in a series of bands that cover only the rows in a field.

Directed application is where the spray is directed at each plant from different angles to completely cover the foliage or selected parts of it.

Whichever application you use, your boom spray must be calibrated to avoid chemical waste, injury to crops and potential environmental damage. Calibration should be done at the beginning of the season and then at regular intervals when in continuous use.

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