Hoses & Attachments

Using Cam Lock Couplings on Your Hoses

Hose couplings come in all shapes, sizes and materials, from the humble snap-on plastic garden hose coupling right through to the heavy duty quarter-turn couplings used on fire hydrants.

But there’s one coupling that stands head and shoulders above the rest; the cam lock coupling, arguably the greatest invention since the ball valve.

Cam lock couplings provide a fast, simple way to connect and disconnect large diameter pipes and hoses.

Commonly used in agricultural spraying because they increase the speed with which tanks can be filled and refilled, cam lock couplings are also employed in a number of other industries, including petroleum, chemicals, agriculture, transport and wineries.

Cam lock couplings are also used in paint and dye factories, where constant hose changes are required, as well as fuel, oil and gas delivery trucks, liquid waste removal vehicles, cleaning services and more.

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