Precision Agriculture

Chemical Injection: When and Why?

The development of modern agricultural methods began gradually with small inventions like the ball valve and the solenoid valve. In recent years it has grown rapidly into what is now known as precision-ag, with huge improvements in all areas, particularly in spraying techniques.

Automatic rate controllers, boom levellers, boom shut-offs, auto steer and GPS guidance systems have all revolutionised the way we spray.

Another advance that is becoming widely used is chemical injection. Unlike traditional spraying, where the chemical and carrier (usually water) are mixed in the same tank, chemical injection keeps the concentrated chemicals and carrier in separate tanks until the moment of spraying.

Chemicals are metered and injected into the water after it is pumped from the main tank and just before it passes through each nozzle. This allows for greater accuracy in application rates and greater flexibility in site-specific crop management.

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